Critique This Build: PvP Monk!


Concept of build:
- Sudden Assault and Way of the Falling Star attunements on Allow you to catch up to your target to initate your combo.
- Scorpion Sting to lock down your target
- Blazing Fists will be your skill of choice to utililze when fighting character that can't teleport / leap / tumble out of your grasp as you gain higher dps and movespeed using this skill
- Rolling Thunder will be your skill of choice for the slipperier characters as you will be able to quickly refill your spirit to reuse Sudden Assault / Scorpion Sting to close the distance.

Gear Concepts:
- % to crit / Precision is your primary responsibility in this build to really make your combos shine.
- Spirit generation will help tremendously to utilize more Scorpion Stings.
- Survivability is your next / last focus Vitality is your primary focus here as your mantra is reducing 30% of your targets damage regardless of type, having high HP is a good idea.

Perceived Pros:
- Nearly unstoppable in any 1v1 situation
- Highly Mobile
- Adaptive Synergy

Perceived Cons:
- Highly spirit focused oriented
- Highly Dependant on Crits / Solid gear
- Vulnerable to CC's
- Highly Active APM

Tossups / Changeouts for build:
- Remove Exalted Soul for Pacifism in high CC situations
- Swap both Exalted Soul & Chant of Resonence for Sixth Sense and One with Everything to capitalize on the crit chance you're already building and allow you to more easily get magic resistances up without crippling your gear too much.
Lashing Tail Kick w/ stun is horrible. It seems like a great idea, but if you look at Monk(dmg reduction) and Barb(life regen) skills, it helps them out. I would take heal instead of it. You'll notice that you won't be able to stay alive for too long w/o heal. Other chars have heal and will use it against you. Unless you can successfully kill a target fast, and it doesn't look like you can, you'll be facing difficulties in a longer battle.
I am not sure I understand what's wrong with a 0 cooldown 2.25 second stun, what am I missing?
a barbs bloodthirst would out weigh the dmg you'd be able to put out assume your using 2 fist weapons which is highly likely since you wanna max you chances on critting. but that 2 second stun will only give the barb or any other class to stun/kite untill they can heal themselves up. You'd be better off grabbing a few survivabilty skills like slows or increased defense/dodge chance and play defensively in a pvp situation

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