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I'm trying to polish up on Diablo lore by watching all the cinematics from diablo 1 to LoD. How does Marius fit into all of this? I'm led to believe that he is the withered body from the last cinematic in diablo 1 who had diablo's soulstone taken out of his head (aka, diablo was in his body as a boy, and now he's older and living in a tavern place to escape his nightmares from the past). I have no idea if this is correct and would appreciate a little background history on Marius, thanks!
No, the body Diablo possessed was Prince Albrecht. Marius' story only told through the cinematic. http://diablo.wikia.com/wiki/Marius The wikia pretty much sums up his background.
Think of him as a guy put on Frodo's quest and failed.
Marius was just some drunk in a bar where the Dark Wanderer walked in "barely able to carry the weight of his own sword". The Dark Wanderer was the warrior from D1 that shoved the soulstone into his forehead at the end of the game. Marius sees him burn the bar to the ground and summon demons, then follows him. Marius accompanies the dark wanderer all the way to the deserts in the east where they free Tal Rasha. Tal Rasha was a mage who had Baals soulstone shoved into his chest and he was tied to a rock in a tomb, but Marius pulled the stone out, setting Tal Rasha free but running away with the stone. Marius was eventually sent to jail with the stone still in his posession, when tal rasha with some of baal still inside him came to the cell and tricked him into giving up the stone, letting baal fully take over and summon an army.

EDIT: Marius was sent to the hell portal to destroy the stone, saw Tal Rasha, Mephisto and Diablo open the portal to hell, and got scared !@#$less and ran away. He kept the stone until Baal took it back and killed him.

Marius only appears in Diablo cinematics and was not mentioned in the actual game.

Cain says something about him in Act 5.
scumbag marius, saw all kinds of horror following the dark wanderer and doesnt give up, gets scared !@#$less when he saw mephisto.
All wrong.
Aiden is the wanderer, the eldest son of Leoric. Albretch was the youngest son, and was sacrificed by Lazarus.
Aiden (the warrior we play on D1) gets the stone and put it into his own head, becoming the wanderer.
Marius is just a common guy that was "choosen" by Diablo to fulfill his task when needed:

Diablo wanted set his brother Baal free, but also knew that Tyrael would be There to stop him. SO he brought Marius with him, so when Diablo was fighting tyrael in the catacombs, Baal could easily use his powers to make Marius set him free, what he have actually done, sadly. Baal fooled Marius, who thought was stting free Tal'rasha, but it was Baal himsfelf who was being freed...

After that part, Marius were intended to destroy the soulstone in hellforge, which Diablo had foreseen as an impossible task for him to complete, and he was right. MArius couldnt do anything and kept the stone along with his fears into that cellar.

So one day, Baal could find him and get his stone back to fully manifest into sanctuary, break havoc under Mt. Arreat and take/corrupt the Worlstone, his main goal.

The prime evils are very cunning and subtle. Marius even tells us that in some way, he felt that he "needed" or was "forced to" follow the wanderer without knowg the true story, or who was the weanderer. And even his dreams, the nightmares actually, weren't of him, they were put into his head by Diablo's powers, as we can see in the Act2 Diablo 2's cinematic.
I didn't think Lazarus killed Albrecht, but haven't read any of the books related to the series.

What I recall from the D1 manual was that Lazarus chained up Albrecht so that he could be thoroughly weakened for Diablo to possess. Then the player character beats Diablo/Albrecht, which doesn't seem to kill him, as once the soulstone is removed he starts breathing again. I don't recall ever seeing an explanation of what Lazarus was doing when you kill him, thought it was just a random sacrifice.

Player character then makes a bad decision and becomes the Wanderer, in official storyline it's the warrior class. Don't know if that's supposed to be a specific person, it was never hinted in-game that you had any connection to the town at all.

Minor sidetrack though, everything Bruno said is correct for Marius. He was a pawn and sucker to be exploited.
Yeah, this part of Lazarus is not something Crystal Clear in my mind...
I always thought that Lazarus was sacrificing Albretch in order to releas enough power to free Diablo from the stone. But maybe you are right, he could have weakened Albretch in order to creat an easiest way for Diablo to possess him.

But that really doesn't make any big difference to the plot, since Diablo has been freed one way or another.

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