Hypothesis: Deckard Cain is the ultimate evil

Lore and Story
FiveTwelve, I am having some difficult time with pronoun confusion in your recent post.

Are you saying Deckard Cain is Belial?

He's a corrupted puppet must be in reference to Tyrael. Same story in the next sentence

And I am a little more confused on your last sentence. You are stating that the situation of Cain and his disguise is rested on that Tyrael is not who we think or doesn't see the disguise right?

However, this still leaves a gap in the entrance of Pandemonium Fortress on both parties.

I guess I will say this: Spoilers!!!! DON'T LOOK


Unless after the defeat of Diablo in Hell and between the attacks on Harrogath Belial imprisoned Tyrael. But that doesn't explain Mr. Cain.

And who are we kidding. In the current trend of story-telling presented by Blizzard, I have doubts the story will be this noteworthy.

Hey, I am a pessimist
I'm not saying I think Deckard Cain is Belial, I'm saying the most popular theory is that He's Belial. Belial being the Lord of Lies and all, And Cain being the one person throughout the Diablo games we could trust.

The strongest case against Deckard Cain being evil is the Pandamonium fortress. Tyrael would have known one way or the other if Deckard Cain is a disguise, or under some evil's control.

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