Looking for critique of HC Monk Build


Obviously, the name of the game is survival. I am assuming early on I should be able to be in groups enough, that I can sacrifice some DPS output. Just looking to see what some of you folks think. Working on this Monk build for a few hours... just kicking ideas around, heh.

Edit: Change of Build
Please consider that I have not played HC in D2 so I am not really aware of the HC play style though ill give you my thought anyway since no one has posted.

I would change Time of Need for either Sustenance or Soothing Breeze cause you already have the passive One with Everything.

Change Serenity cause I reckon you have enough healing already, you will be spamming Mantra of healing which you can cast 2 times in the 60 second time frame + the constant healing, 3 second double healing and the choice to buff it to 212.9 lps. On top of that you have Breath of Heaven.
If your worried about dying you might consider Simulacrum if not Several Sided Strike or Sudden Assault reason for that is cause I think it might help for Bosses +1300% weapon dmg on one target ( being if the boss is alone ) and you cant get dmged while doing it. Some of the skills might change since they haven't decided to change all the skills to dmg% we will have to wait and see.


Serenity is the ability I have been wrestling with the most. I love it due to the immunity aspect that it brings, while I do feel I could use an attack that does real damage. I wish I had a better response, but your thoughts are very similar to what I was messing with for a majority of the time I was working on this build.
Serenity seems great for HC except for the cooldown. If you don't mind killing slowly, and only proceeding into a dangerous fight when serenity is available, then the build looks good to me. 60 seconds seems way too steep for me, so I will probably go with the passive or the decoy as a way to avoid a death blow. I can just see myself about to die, smashing the serenity key, only for it to be on cooldown for another x seconds.
Personally i feel that all HC monk builds need to have transcendence as a passive skill, and in your case would probably replace guiding light with it. By doing so you could also swap your mantra of healing for mantra of evasion with obsidian rune for extra 120% armor and 30% evasion or an alabaster mantra of conviction for 30% less damage taken. Overall you would probably heal more over the timeframe while taking far less damage. The resistance bonus on mantra healing is nice but your passive one with everything should allow some of the best overall resists in the game even without mantra of healing + time of need.

Serenity is a potentially solid skill but may be replaceable with either decoy or inner sanctuary due to the long cooldown, or if your survivability is already looking good you could swap it with a damaging spirit spender as well.
I did take your advice on the mantra, I did change it to the Obsidian Rune'd Mantra of Evasion. However, the passive I changed to pacifism, since being in a stun situation appears to be when I would be the most vulnerable to a death scenario.

I posted this on another thread:

I think this is a much better options. Focuses on debuffs and damage evasion.


Lethal Decoy and Alabaster rune IMO are absolutely required for a HC monk build.
Near Death Experience and Transcendence should be on every HC monk to be honest. Why not have that extra ace in your sleeve.

your build is similar to mine however my runes are different. i focus on DMG increase for the party as well as healing and damage reduction for the party inside of serentiy. The Combo of Crippling and exploding palm doing decent aoe as well as my Ob'ed lashing tail kick, you should be able to stand right in the middle and just make sure everything is taking 90-110% extra damage from everyone in my party.


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