If Belial is the lord of Lies...

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If Belial is the lord of Lies then why is he against giving the Nephalem the push and shove they need to be persuaded on to the side of the Burning Hells?
This is what makes the Lesser Evils cast out the three Prime Evils, Duriel and Andariel... right?
So instead of breaking the pact the Burning Hells and High Heavens made, he decides to honour it and instead start a civil war with Azmodan?
If there was one of the seven evils I expected to break the pact, it would be him. Seems odd to me that he doesn't.
Does anyone know why he did this?
Maybe He wants power, and he thinks he would be a way more worthy ruler than the Three Prime evils, and he also may be on to something that the Burning Hells and the High Heaven has forgotten... If I am correct I think that Sanctuary is one of many worlds, and it is a nexus point for the magical energy cycling through each and every world. Hell, I think Sanctuary even share the same multiverse as Azeroth, although are are some differences, as the Azeroth doesn't even know about the war between the hells and the Heavens, and the pact. The Burning Crusade, I believe, is directly linked to the Hells itself, and I believe that it is a rogue faction that has willfully violated the pact between the High heavens and the Burning hells.

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