New Runestone System Suggestion.

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Here is my idea of what i think would/could be fun and effective.

Stick with 7 runestones ranks.

Normal = No runestones
Nightmare = rank 1
Hell = rank 2
Inferno = rank 3

Rank 4-7 via combining runestones(mystic)

The reason i picked no runestones in normal is because people are gonna have a blast in normal no matter what. So to make things a little more interesting the second time through (nightmare), Add runestones. This will make it that much more exciting for non-hardcore and hardcore players to play through multiple playthroughs.

Keep all runes found unattuned to add excitement to IDing them.

Runestones can be combined like jewels for upgrades. 3x1^ upgrade just like gems. Making the Rank 7 runestone that much harder to achieve and using up alot of runestones so we dont have an over supply of them via AH.

My idea is this. Once you place a runestone in a skill. It is there "permanently" in the sense that the only way you can remove the runestone from that skill is via the mystic at a decent price.

Another idea is to make removing runestones from spells result in a penalty per-say. For example: If you add a level 5 runestone to a spell and you want to remove it. You pay a fee and only get back 2x level 4 runestones. Making you find another level 4 runestone to combine back to a level 5. This maybe a crazy idea but i think it would make people really put some thought into there build. Since this wouldnt work with level 1 runestones. It gives them plenty of time to experiment with there skills and runestones first before having to worry about a penalty.

This could make players stop abusing the open skill swap and keep stashes and AH's from getting over populated!!

Let me know what you think. Its just an idea. Blizzard said they were still looking to do some changes to the runestone system since it just didnt feel right yet.

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