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So I had an idea on what I'd like to see. Most likely it wouldn't happen but in an ideal world where Defenestrate gets his way, this is what I'd like:

Actually the fact that Diablo III will be online only this suggestion has a way to work that SC2 never could have worked.

I would like it if the Blizzard store would sell Diablo III physical copies and allow a digital download for the game. I plan on getting the Collectors Edition of Diablo III, especially for all the physical goodies you get with it, the art, the music etc, so getting a physical copy is important to me. But at the same time I want to play Diablo III as soon as it releases, at midnight.

Digital copies of the game allow this, but lack the physical benefits. Physical copies have their benefits but you have to find a place doing a midnight release and wait in line then go home, patch up, then you can finally play.

So the best of both worlds would be buying online at the blizzard store a physical copy, that adds it's license/key to your account to download and install (but can't play until the servers go up) while you can then have them ship the physical game and even though it gets to you a few days later, you didn't have to wait to play while it was in transit.

Well that's my ideal scenario, if it doesn't happen, I most likely will have to find some place that will have a midnight release.

Would anyone else like this as well?

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