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hmmmm the black soulstone... I wonder what it could be at first i thought it was diablo's soulstone from diablo 1 but that's not true we smashed it well tyreal did. But that brings up the question what is the black soulstone from. Obviously its a piece of the now shattered world stone but there has to be more to it.
The soulstone from Diablo 1 was the same soulstone he had in Diablo 2 - the player smashed it. Tyrael smashed the worldstone.

I'm guessing the Black Soulstone ties in with the Black Abyss where all demons are spawned from/go when they die. It would make sense - control the black soulstone = control the black abyss, meaning and he'd have an infinite army and be able to resurrect any demons that fall.
I am going to call it out here: the Black Soulstone is the falling star.
Metzen coyly threw a rhetorical question in the Lore Panel at Blizzcon "can you destroy a worldstone?" I think it makes the worldstone shard hypothesis a bit more weighty. Especially since we now know that the worldstone was the original source of the eternal conflict.

As an aside, I am curious, do we even know where the other soulstones came from, or what they're made of? As far as I understand, tyrael just slapped them into Tal'rasha's hand and said "git'r done"!
I thought the soulstones were chipped off from the worldstone. Smash that, you get a few more soulstones, smash that you get a whole lot of perfect Gems (and some runes if your lucky)
we do not really know what the soulstones come from we have assumed all this time they were pieces of the worldstone but it could be some crazy new twist Blizzard throws in there
Yeah, the most believable theory is that the black soulstone is a shard from the now corrupted and shattered Worldstone. I dont think it came as the "fallen star"....

Im very anxious to discover the true story!

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