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As you can see... NOBODY will put any money into the RMAH they only want to make money. No-one will have any money whatsoever, so when they put stuff up on rmah and expect to make a profit, nobody will buy it... difference with GAH is that people can actually get gold
You're basing this off a two page thread.

I would have no problem putting money into the RMAH. I work a ton and may need to make purchases to ensure that I can participate in Inferno and PvP since I wont have time to farm 24/7.
The good news is, if you are correct, then we don't have to worry about people buying 'power'. If you aren't correct, the system works.

Either way, everyone wins.
No forum thread or poll can accurately gauge the success of the auction house. I would assume that the people who will choose to buy gear are going to be the more casual players with less time to invest in heavy gear grinding. I would also assume that those casual players aren't really being accounted for right now on the forums seeing as the game isn't even released yet. When was the last time you were active daily on forums for a game you were "sort of" interested in?
Yes I agree no one will buy items in D3. Just like no one bought any items in D2.
The idea of spending money on virtual items seems bizarre, but I made over $500 in items 10+ years ago in Asheron's Call (before trading items for real money was prohibited), and I was nowhere near being a hardcore player. Players who spend money on items won't readily admit to doing so until it becomes more socially acceptable.

I expect all but the most powerful items will be dirt cheap, though, while everyone is trying to cash in. However, when you see an item that's vastly superior to your own and it only costs you $0.99, you may find yourself tempted to buy it, which could send you down a slippery slope. It's difficult to say how it will play out before the looting frenzy even begins.
Just because it won't be frequently used doesn't mean it won't work.

Just like if you don't see Ferraris being frequently purchased doesn't mean that selling Ferraris is a bad idea.
I'd put some money in, even just because it'll make the anti-RMAH people angry.
Honestly when I play games like D2 and D3 (eventually) I come back to them off and on over time. I don't normally have hours upon hours to play and I have a tendency to want awesome gear. If I am able to farm up 2 pieces of my characters main item set, and I look on the GAH and see none (or a ton way overpriced) but I see them on the RMAH for $1 to $3 a piece I'm likely to drop that to get the rest of the set.

Yeah, I might have them drop later, if I do I check if the new ones are better, swap to the best set and likely gift the others to my friend who I play with, or drop them on the RMAH for about the same as what I paid (+ or - a little based on the current RMAH pricing)

In a game like this where every drop is random and there isn't an end game prestige thing like world first kills I have no issue dropping a few bucks into enjoying my game a bit more. After all, I pay $15 a month to play World of Warcraft and this shouldn't have any monthly fees.
you'd be surprised how many people will use real money on RMAH...I know I will, but it won't be anything too expensive though
Why the RMAH will work:

Because it's already an integrated part of the game and will be around when it releases. Like it or not. qq less and let's start coming up with better things to talk about.
10/26/2011 04:31 PMPosted by ChrIs
I quit when Pyreal scarab duping made everything worthless. If you made $500, good job!

lol, thanks. It all came from selling a hoary mattekar hide robe (from before they removed the hoary mattekar that drops it) and an early shadow armor set. I think I just sold these things at a good time. If I remember right they removed the hoary mattekar from the game for a period, so it was definitely a very limited item.
10/26/2011 03:32 PMPosted by Joker
NOBODY will put any money into the RMAH they only want to make money. No-one will have any money whatsoever

In this difficult economic time, I am fortunate to have a full time, reliable, steady paying job.
Needless to say, I WILL BE SPENDING some of my income on the things that just seem to be out of my reach.
Grats on being wrong.
OP has never, ever heard of Farmville, Second Life, or any of those games who make millions off of their players in virtual transactions.

Second Life has an economy that rivals most third-world countries, and like Diablo III the only money input will come from players and players alone.
As you can see... NOBODY will put any money into an economy they only want to make money. No-one will have any money whatsoever, so when they put stuff up on the market and expect to make a profit, nobody will buy it...

OP has made me see the light. No one will ever buy anything online. The internet is a bad idea.
People are willing to pay money for access to a Beta that is 1/3rd of an act.


I think it's safe to say they'll buy some gold/crafting mats/awesome sword/etc.

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