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Alright folks. I've never anticipated playing D3. I've tried out a dungeon crawler or two here and there over the years and I just didn't really get into it. After watching BlizzCon over the weekend though, I'm much more seriously considering it. In fact, I even got the Annual Pass, so I'll get a license anyways.

At this point, there's almost no way I'm going to have the time or energy to play through Diablo 1 and 2 to get caught up (perhaps I'll play though D2). I found a thread about the story so far (, however the content for D1 and D2 mostly consists of the game manuals. What I'm looking for is a source that will catch me up on both the lore of the Diablo universe as well as the story of both games.

Now, I'm very interested in "The Book of Cain" announced this weekend, but that sounds like it will be exclusively about lore or more about Cain's stories than the player characters'. "The Sin War" trilogy also sounds very interesting, but again sounds like more of a story about the world.

I don't expect to find lore and game story in one place, so I bet those will be two good starting places for lore. Is there a good source for game story anywhere? I'm quite certain I could piece things together from blogs, wikis, books, forums, etc, but that's obviously not ideal.
A basic run down from the games was that in Diablo 1, Diablo was imprisoned under the cathedral in Tristram but managed to corrupt a bunch of people and ultimately manifested by having his Soul Stone inserted into King Leoric's son, prince Albrecht. The hero ultimately killed Diablo and thus the mortal vessel and took possession of the soul stone. He thought he could contain Diablo and decided to take the Soul Stone into himself. Ultimately he failed and thus Diablo 2 was born.

Diablo decided to release his brothers Mephisto and Baal and almost succeeded but was thwarted by a new bunch of heroes as he progressed and was ultimately slain again himself but Baal continued on after release to corrupt the World Stone. The heroes killed Baal eventually and Tyrael, an Arch-Angel shattered the World Stone. I'm not entirely sure what the shattering of the World Stone achieved but I'm hoping to learn more.

All up there were seven Great Evils:
Lesser Evils-
Andariel, Maiden of Anguish. (Slain in Diablo 2 act 1)
Duriel, Lord of Pain (Slain in Diablo 2 act 2, soul stone destroyed)
Belial, Lord of Lies (not seen in Diablo 1 or 2)
Azmodan, Lord of Sin (not seen in Diablo 1 or 2)
Greater Evils-
Mephisto, Lord of Hatred (Slain in Diablo 2 act 3, soul stone destroyed)
Diablo, Lord of Terror (Slain in Diablo and Diablo 2 act 4)
Baal, Lord of Destruction (Slain in Diablo 2 act 5)

Hope this helps a little.
It does, thanks so much! I'll have to start reading some of the stories I mentioned and really look forward to "The Book of Cain". All in all, the game story seems simple enough, I shouldn't think I'll have too much trouble jumping right in with Diablo III.
You should also Check out the Blizzcon Lore Panel from 2011 if you havnt seen it, its up on Youtube.
i would also suggest checking out the blizzard lore panel, discusses lots of cool stuff that isnt explained in the games
I did watch the D3 Lore Panel, that was what particularly piqued my interest. I've also started working my way through D2, so that should be lots of fun. =)

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