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Edited by Ogkiller on 10/27/11 3:08 PM (PDT) I thoroughly enjoyed wasting countless hours dueling outside of towns. I enjoyed the casual competitiveness and leisure gameplay it gave to the PvPers. It was fun to trash talk, challenge multiple players at once to duels, and to watch others duke it out.

I think it would be a cool feature for an arena; sparring lobby, or zone, or town, where up to 8 players can sit around and do just that, much like many of us did in Diablo 2.

Benefits for this:

1.) To challenge our characters against crazy odds.

2.) To test out our character builds and strategies.

3.) To see other people's techniques and strategies.

4.) To observe epic matches from the sidelines.

5.) To lounge around, socialize and hang out with other PvPers.

6.) To have PvP fun in a relaxed environment.

7.) To kill time and boredom.

8.) To possibly make bets and wagers on duels.

While the Arenas and 1v1 dueling system seem to fit the catering needs of the PvP junkies, the 3v1, 5v3, 7v1, etc., match ups we enjoyed in Diablo 2, are absent. It was really a luxury to duel some folks one second and then team up with them to duel some other people the next second.

P.S. It would be kinda cool to have access to our stashes and be able to trade with others or, place bets and wagers on duels.

*Many of you probably have already seen this post on a few other threads but I am just trying to throw some ideas out there to get some support for this or a similar concept.*


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