Disciple of Ytar - Skill Build

The Disciple of Ytar is balanced between increased damage, health and defensive skill. The build is one that focuses on utilizing your skills to wear down and use your enemies numbers and size against them. Combined with large direct damage attacks that will allow you to finish fights quickly when the fight turns in your favor.

Having a Mystic Ally is important, preference being the Obsidian rune stone version of the skill. Granting a 50% health bonus and agro pull on the ally. Having a follower will be helpful with this build also. Using Retribution Mantra runed Crimson for Retaliation to set off the creatures effected by Exploding Palm. Personally I would prefer the Templar, as they are most durable out of the followers and can act as a distraction for you and the party.


Fairly solid build. Only thing I don't like is trancendence. Really no point in having that if you also have Breath of Heaven. I would drop something to get a mantra though, they are very useful and effective.
Thanks, well the bonus heal will cover the gap from normal dodge, although that could easily be changed.

You could drop Blinding Flash for a mantra and still do well.

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