diablo 3 pre-order with the 1 year commitment

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my question is will we get some kind of notification as to when we should log in and set that up? since we are already getting a free copy those of us doing the one year commitment, and it was said at blizcon that the 1 year commitment to WoW with the free D3 would count towards our D3 collectors edition anyone know anything about that?
I read something about a rebate in another thread, but I haven't seen an official source myself.
It was just stated that if you put a CE on a b.net account that has subbed through the annual pass you'll get a 4 month credit towards WoW, and it will count towards your annual pass commitment. I'll add mine as soon as possible, but I don't think there is a limitation of any sort I've heard of.
Sign up now if you want to take advantage of it. You never know if Blizzard has it set to end at patch 4.3 or when D3 is released. I kind of think they will keep it around even after D3 is out as a bonus for people to commit to a year. The beta access will probably be limited time only though.

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