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I saw something from blizzcon that in the later stages of normal and on, mana regen will become important for witch doctors. Has anyone found anything saying around how much mana regen is anticipated? Trying to put together a build and I am not sure if i shoud use swallow your soul for soul harvest or use two mana passive skills. Obiviously no one knows for sure but I was wondering y'alls ideas and if anyone has read anything about potential oom problems
I believe in blizzcon, they said from level 1~10, WD will have close to infinite mana.

After that, it is still possible to have infinite mana if you go overboard on mp regen(gear, rune, passive), but doing so will most likely sacrifice some dps/utility.
Your mana regen needs will depend a lot on what kind of skills you use. Acid Cloud, Wall of Zombies, and Firebats are big mana drains, whereas Spirit Barrage and Plague of Toads are relatively cheap casts.

My personal favorite mana regen is Soul Harvest with a Golden rune. If you use that with a level 4 rune on 5 monsters, it gives you enough mana to cast 7.5 Acid Clouds.
Consider this: Max mana and mana cost increase with level but mana regeneration does NOT increase with level.

You must get gear, runestones, or take passives in order to improve mana recovery otherwise it will always be 30 mana per second. At level 60, the damage spells you will use a lot will range from the efficient Haunt at 106 mana all the way up to Acid Cloud at 528 mana.
think about this in this unfinished game my witch is only lvl 13 but he has 295 mana but the best regen items i can find only give 1 mana regen a secont but he naturaly refills all his mana in about 15 16 seconds any body else see a big problem with how wothless thay have made regen for mana its good for health but baby thell finish this game soon and fix that

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