Dashing Strike question

I've loved using this skill in beta but im curious if some of the things I use it for are intended. For instance dashing strike across gaps i.E the gap in the royal crypts. Also dashing strike my way through closed doors. Not sure if its a bug or not but I love how fast I can roll through the dungeon with speed boots on and the passive 10% and dashing my way to any monster long distances away.
I'd say yes, barbarians can jump the gaps, I'm sure wizards can teleport the gaps once they get the spell, monks may as well be able to dash the gaps. Granted, monks will be the only class with a move like that that will be dependent on a mob being on the other side of said gap.
According to Dashing Strike you can target it to a location. The way the skill is worded in the calc it leads on to believe you can cast it at nothing.
Well, monk's the class that I've been playing the majority of my time in beta. You can cast it at nothing, but not target it at nothing, when casting it without a target you just shoot forward 10-ish yards and punch air, when casting it at something you shoot all the way to the target and hit it.

I've gone over many gaps using a mob as a target, but haven't even been able to go over the smallest of gaps using no target.

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