Holy damage monk

This is my build for a monk based around holy damage.


Open with crimson blinding light, then attack chain of two hits of crimson hundred fists (would holy damage from 2 hits of this stack?), then third hit with golden exploding palm. Gain additional spirit as mobs start blowing up. From what I can imagine, a golden exploding palm could generate some pretty substantial spirit when taking out groups of enemies. Most of the finishing blows would come from exploding palm, as the bulk of the other damage are slow dots.

If you get in trouble, alabaster breath of heaven for the heal/fleeing. Follow up with another blinding flash while they are fleeing. I don't know how the mechanic is in D3, but I know in D2 when you use the blinding skill, it would not stop mobs that are already attacking you. But, if you were to get them to flee first, I assume the blinding flash would stop the attack.(?)

Wave of light for high damage AOE. Wasn't sure on best way to rune it, would probably have to try it out to see. Possibly using empowered wave for reduced cooldown if the spirit generation can support it.

Indigo mantra of conviction fits with theme, although there might be other more practical options.

Transcendence and guiding light seem to be a good fit, as this build should be able to heal fairly regularly, and uses a decent amount of spirit.

Hopefully there will be items, or maybe even a passive that increases holy damage%.
Oops, linked wrong build. Meant to put this.


That other one was a HC build.
This is my build based around rushing with holy damage.
Easy at wave clearing and rushing towards objective.
Before I completed my S4 Ul6 bandwagon faceroller build, I had quite a lot of fun with a Shenlong holy build, Ul2, R2, Sun2 (flying dragon, depth diggers, zodiac in the cube), using basically exclusively holy damage skills; Crippling wave: rising tide, Exploding palm: Strong Spirit, Cyclone Strike: Implosion.

It worked pretty well and (with the luck of completing Shelong) was very easy to gear and kept the spirit bar full most of the time. +20% holy is pretty easy to come by on random monk gear, I think I had +40% holy. I don't think a holy shenlong can really compare with fully geared Ul6 faceroller build, but I think it was at least as good as the partially geared Ul monks of comparable paragon levels and probably even more of a faceroll.

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