Whelp I've just spoiled it for myself

Lore and Story
Websites with Datamined info suck...

Seriously though I've just spoiled the entire D3 story for myself but I couldn't resist clicking on the link. It's now pretty obvious to me what the Meteor is and who Azmodan was talking to in the cinematic and the general plot of D3.
I don't think you can spoilertext on this forum.

Basically mmo-champion lead me to it. You will find your curse from that website.
Ah spoilers, I know what you mean juneau. I do and I hate myself for doing such self-lore satisfactions or following links with spoiler warnings... again. But I can't restrain myself. :p

Azire and InXsane a little research can find you things but here some treads to follow: diablo.incgamers and one ForceSC2strategy's latest Diablo patch vids bring up some big spoilers. "HERE BE DAEMONS."

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