Where does your handle come from?

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Just curious. This handle I have comes from my first character ever playing Diablo. I started with Diablo 2 LOD at my brother in law's place when I was helping him move and the first character I created was a Barb named Rombusn. Just a name I came up with on the fly. So out of nostalgia, my first beta character was also a Barb named Rombusn and will be going forward into Retail as well. You?
I remember going at my uncle's place when i was young. He lives in the country (it is not even the country, most likely . He still has his old computers and his phone connection internet. Diablo is one of his favorite game to pass time when he has done his daily chores. He wants to live on his own ground and not depend on anything. He grows his own vegetables, etc.

Well, my father is one of the only in our family who go take a ride to the country and visit him. When i was young, we used to go at his house about 5-6 time a year. And what i enjoyed the most was to play the game with him. My first character was a sorceress named Girlofbattle (ya really ­>< )

I've used that name when i played classic WoW until i got reported because my name was a composed name. Since then, i've been using Domini which is a latin title for Lord (I sometime take Dominus, the plural form of Domini).
My current handle is a derivative of a handle that got its start in both Diablo 2 (as a Necromancer) and Unreal Tournament.

I came up with the handle "MurderOne" (in 1999, WELL before the sham of a TV show with the same name got its start) for my characters in both of those games, and stuck with it for years and years with many different games (up through about 2003/2004, I believe). At that point, I started playing a more "sociable," less "let's kill everything in sight" game called "City of Heroes."

It was at that point that I decided that I should probably think about a different handle--one that was a bit less intimidating for the sort of friendly people I was playing with at the time. Well, in that game, there is an alien race called the "Kheldians" which had two versions of themselves--the Peacebringers and the Warshades. I preferred to play a Warshade, and decided to call him "AlienOne." I then decided to incorporate the name "One" into every character name I made into that game, so people would always know who it was. My primary handle, "AlienOne," was what stuck, however.

Now, most people who know me just call me "Alien," but...

...it all got its start in Diablo 2. ;)
I've been Fuglypump for a very long time, I don't remember what it means or how I thought of it.

at the time it didn't mean Fugly, as is !@#$ing ugly, it had another meaning but I can't quite remember what it is. Regardless of the meaning, it's a unique name and I've only ever met one other Fuglypump, and he was a fan of Marine Arena, and openly admitted that he blatantly copied my name... lol

If any of you play Starcraft 2, and happen to play Marine Arena, you might recognize my name.

in games my account name is usually Fuglypump, but in games where you name a character, they're rarely named Fuglypump, I tend to like to use the prefix "Fugly" at the beginning of names, for example my PVP barbarian will probably be named "FuglyScorpion" because when he yells "GET OVER HEERE" they then get over here.
It's what everyone calls me in games due to my character/account names
11/19/2011 01:43 PMPosted by Ash
It's what everyone calls me in games due to my character/account names

Ash... from Marine Arena?? lmfao or are you a different Ash?
Ash Ketchum?

I love how the french name of Ash is Sasha.
I had the nickname dinosaur when I was younger because I was a large kid. Then, I got really tall. I'm 6'9". A lot of my friends call me either giraffe or giraffasaur.

Not to be confused with the giraffatitan.
If I need to explain, you don't belong aboard the ship "Delicious."
11/19/2011 01:48 PMPosted by Fuglypump
It's what everyone calls me in games due to my character/account names
<br /><br />Ash... from Marine Arena?? lmfao or are you a different Ash?

11/19/2011 01:49 PMPosted by DominiEra
Ash Ketchum?<br /><br />I love how the french name of Ash is Sasha.

Ash Ketchum, the pokemon Trainer? I <3 him and Misty together. Both together are so funny, what with his denseness and Misty's temper.

As for my name, I first came up with it for my Bowazon. At around that time FF10 had just came out. In that game there was a warrior monk called Auron. I was inspired by his name, but since his name was masculine, I decide to add a -aku ending to Auron to make Auronaku because I wanted a name that was feminine yet had a air of badassery to it.

Ten years later, this particular handle exploded into life... as my DH!
You can find her story in the Horadic archives. The title is A Hidden Daughter of Arreat.
there was a lot of Brandons growing up so everyone just called me by my last name, plus its awesome to yell...
take a guess for me hahaaha
Infantry; Harmless Games then SOE
for wow i started out with a hunter named Odahlin .. and in order to make it easy for guilies to pick out my alts i added odah to the names ..

as a joke last year when Toyota was have the the gas pedal issues one of my guildied suggested using toyodah as a handle..and when the cata patch hit i rolled this pally ..and loved it
<--Short for predator, started back in classic DOOM deathmatch, continued through Unreal Tournament. Given to me by my clan the Blood Ravens, had it ever since.

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