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11/22/2011 10:14 AMPosted by Yaak
I hate the way Blizzard hands out beta keys too, it sucks. Watching some of these streamers and to hear them say stuff like, " its the year 2011, they shoulda made it a first person shooter..." just makes me think... "really blizzard? This guy has a beta key?"

There is nothing wrong with the way blizzard hands out beta keys.

This has been discussed to death on these forums. It is beneficial to them to have a wide range of people playing in the beta. Just because the guy has an opinion that you might not share (I don't either but that's a different story all together), doesn't mean he's any less valuable as a tester.
To everyone going "crazy" waiting for a beta key, maybe this will help you out a little. Just FYI the beta is a small fraction of Act 1. You can seriously beat it in like 45 minutes. Also you can only play on normal mode and can only level up to level 13. Now that being said yes it is awesome and im glad i got in, but maybe that will help you to know that your not missing MUCH. hope that helps : )
I know how you feel! im dying for Diablo 3! been in the beta opt-in and the facebook giveaway. Although i kinda got saved....starwars sent me a beta invite! but its not the game i REALLY wanna play...
dude calm the !@#$ down the beta takes about 10 hours (that being VERY generous) to go through and has nothing really exciting in it, its that part you will wish you could just skip when you get the game......you guys are all going insane about not having a beta key dont know what your NOT missing. dont get me wrong, i dont mean the game is not good, its awesome.......for 10 hours as it is right now.
Y'know, a small portion of the game is still infinitly more than not at all.

I daresay that it's much harder to quantify infinity when you're on the 0 end than the infinity end.
tbh, skyrim is more epic than D3 beta. A month ago I was watching force day in and day out too. I got into the d3 beta recently and it's extremely short, and you can't really play with friends unless you both got extremely lucky. Playing with friends is part of what makes a game like diablo so fun. The beta is cool to check out, but it's only fun for a couple hours and honestly I don't know why blizzard is being so stingy with the keys. Everyone logs in, checks out each of the classes, and logs out until january.

Skyrim on the other hand... theres 100+ hours of epic sauce. Diablo 3 is going to be epic for sure, and yes I know it'll be more hours of entertainment than skyrim, but the beta atm really doesn't have the EPIC factor that skyrim does. You gotta check out skyrim and get that out of your system. Trust me, it'll hold you over. Skyrim isn't about watching let's play videos... it's about playing it and experiencing it for yourself. It's far more immersive than diablo.
I got into diablo 3 beta the same day i bought skyrim unfortunatley. all i know about skyrim is that it looks pretty and there are dragons. diablo 3 beta is freakin awesome.
Skyrim > Diablo 3 Beta.

The beta is fun and all..very nostalgic..but it's short :(

I got SWTOR Beta too..very busy week.
11/20/2011 01:39 PMPosted by Grachuss
No... Need D3...
yes yes !!!!! D3 only way to be ..>HaPpY<..
I want D3 Beta so bad :(

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