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Announce an upcoming game 3+ years before it even goes into Beta and longer until it hit the shelve?

I remember back in the days game just kind of comes out when it's almost ready and takes less than 1 year, if not just a few months, for it to be on the market.

Is this the trend to come? When games are announced 10 years before it is ready?
The information is just more available and you're too informed.
I dare say it has a lot to do with the sheer complexity of making games these days.

The trend will probably get worse I guess - at least until some incredible advance in software development occurs, aimed at reducing the development time per worker. Then you got the whole coordination of teams, etc.
official release date: never!
Games used to have long development cycles all the time, its nothing new. I remember waiting more than a couple years for games back in the day. Blizzard just tends to be double the wait of most companies =P
blizzard has done this for a while. I remember hearing about wow while I was in highschool, and I was half way through my tour overseas before I could get it
I would say this phenomenom of announcing the game around a decade before its actual release is definetly not the norm.

Some may argue that this trend might be the reason behond the company's giant success.

But from a passionate fan's perspective, you have to admit, the company's general refusal of keeping players informed about the developmental progress can be frustrating at times.
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Consider yourself lucky you're not a George R. R. Martin fan. (Unless you are.)

lol funny you mentioned George R.R. Martin. I'm an avid fan of the song of ice and fire series of fantasy novels, so i know what you mean about those book release interval delays ....

Robert Jordan on the otherhand was very dedicated even on his death bed, god bless his soul.
Remember Starcraft Ghost? Starcraft 2 was actually announced even before that, then they were gonna make Starcraft Ghost which they eventually scrapped, although some aspects went into SC2.
It's Diablo 3...your first announcement that it was coming was the minute you beat Diablo 2.

Back then the games were 2D and had to respond to up/down/left/right and actions. Now, they have to run physics, 3D graphics, spend more time making more detailed models, etc.
Since the time we started talking about Blizzard.
And now days the spend a lot more time listening to whingey fan boys complaining its not the same as there previous game in the series and trying to please them while catering to a new market.
Blizzard games have been like this for a long long time, you clearly haven't been in this crowd that long, or at least not paying that much attention.

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