do the buffs/debuffs stack

i was mesing around with the talent calculator and realized you can almost create a completely invincible monk if the debuffs well as an extremely hard hitter if the buffs stack..i have not played beta so everything i bring up is based purely on info giving to me from the d3 website. that being said please take a look at my build and tell me what you guys think and feel free to post your criticisms...just looking for feedback and ideas seeing as how all i can do(untill i get a beta key =P) is mess with the calculator..thanks =)!aYV!acZcca
I think how it works would be lets say your going to be hit for 1000 damage and you have a skill that give 30%, 20%, and 10% reduced damage. How it would work is it keeps reducing the end results like 30% off of 1000 is 700, 20% off of 700 is 560, 10% off of 560 is 504.

So you take 504 damage, then your defensive stats are worked in. You then take 30% reduced damage because of your armor score so the total damage you would take is 352.8 Damage. Maybe, i dunno i passed grade 10 math with a B but i was a slacker in grade 11 and just took accounting.
That`s how we think it might work. But if you look at the monk`s abilities, you have:

Resolve : 30%
Crippling Waves(obsidian) : 50%
MoC(Obsidian): 30%

Inner Sanctum (Obsidian): 40%
Tempest Rush (Obsidian): 50%

If they are all in effect it gives you a total reduction of 92,65%
(((((100*0.7) *0.5) *0.7) * 0.6) * 0.5) = 1.35% damage received so a reduction of 92,65%

How i think they will stack is the most powerful one with overwright the others. So for example, you'll only be able to have 1 offensive and one defensive (by offensive i mean the debuff on ennemies which reduce their dmg done and by defensive damage reduction buff on you).
I think your underestimated how much damage things do in this game. In D2 the most HP anyone could get was 12-15k and i think that was on a werebear druid. Anyways at level 13 you can do 365dps a second and the items in this game have exponential growth after level 40(around like level 68 compared to diablo 2) so just you watch lol champs with 8k hp are going to get vaperized by heroes with 8k dps and skills that do more, my hammerdins magic hammer hit for 10k damage and i'd have like 20 swinging around me lol.
please. hammerdins are the most unskilled Pvp people ever....that is mad annoying you even bothered posting here
Takes skill to get the gear son. Hammerdins had the hardest to get items in the game.
11/23/2011 03:33 PMPosted by Batista
Takes skill to get the gear son. Hammerdins had the hardest to get items in the game.

Or you can spend $5 and get the gear in a day.

The reason hammerdins take no skill is because they could teleport around with enigma and cast an aoe that players have no resistance against.
Different categories of defensive abilities are almost certainly going to stack.

So we're looking at, from this list:

-Enemy attack speed reduction
-Enemy damage dealt reduction
-Player Dodge Chance
-Player Block Chance
-Player damage taken reduction / armor /defense

Each may behave differently. For instance, from my playing around with Mantra of Evasion, player dodge chance appears to be additive, but function with diminishing returns (because I don't have the full 50% dodge when I first pop the Mantra).

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