Which PC upgrade is the most bang for my $ ?

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If I am not mistaken the i7-2600 cannot be overclocked you would need the i7-2600k - and i5-2500K is probably the most widely used gaming cpu right now and the best especially if overclocked.<br /><br />Having said that I would go with the video card upgrade

Edit: Also the Nvidia GTX 560 Ti (Fermi) 2G graphics card is only an extra $80 than the 1G 560Ti
11/23/2011 07:57 AMPosted by Luke
2500k to 2600k is worthless if you are a gamer. You gain nothing but hyper threading and 2MB of on-board cache. The overclocking headroom of the two chips is the same as well.<br /><br />Video card for sure, but that 550 is not so hot. How much do you have to spend ?

Some benchmarks show that you actually LOSE a tad bit of gaming performance, as more resources are being allocated to hyperthreading which is not being used.

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