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While this may be a rather controversial topic I'd like to get an initial reaction and feedback on the current partnership between Diablo III RMAH + Pay Pal. In addition I'd like to introduce another viable option.
I think for anyone looking to move serious money in the RMAH DWOLLA could serve as a great platform for both Blizzard and it's users.

DWOLLA offers a money transferring service with a flat transaction fee of 0.25 regardless of amount 100, 1,000, 2,000, 3,000, etc.

The service is looking to move $350 Million in the next year. It also offers integration with social networks - not required.


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Obviously only Blizzard could answer whether Dwolla would be able to handle what they need. But you can guarantee that it is way too late in the process to change which provider they are using.
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