Please stop complaining about Inferno!

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I see post after post about people complaining about stuff that no one has any clue about. We can take 3 different devs. and state 3 different difficulties about inferno. The truth is that no one has played it out side of a few devs., and no one really knows how hard it will be. Why doesnt everyone just stop complaining until they actually play it and find out if it is indeed to easy. At that point, it is ok to complain, but you cant complain about something you dont have FIRST HAND experience with.
There is a post that quotes a dev saying, by the time you make it to inferno you should be able to run through it without to much trouble, the only thing I get out of that is that once u have played Normal, Nightmare, and Hell, AND HAVE BEEN GEARED (which would make you ready for inferno) would u be able to not have to much trouble. Lets please just give it a shot. Maybe The most profitable MMO company of all time knows kinda what they are doing?
I like to think all the internal testers who get paid to flog themselves for 8+ hours a day know how hard Inferno is going to be.

Just my opinion though.
We know that these complainers will split into 2 groups after release:

1st group
Crying "Booohooo, inferno is too thought, nobody can make it, tweak it down!"

2nd group
Shouting "I just cleared Inferno and I think it's far too easy. NOBODY should be able to beat Inferno, this game difficulty must not be possible to achive, HC character should die before the end of Act 1, otherwise it's, once again, an epic fail from Blizzard team and I want to say [...]blah blah blah, bleuh bleuh..."

Other people will probably enjoy it more than anything else!
I already mentally prepare myself for an eventual meeting with Inferno with my Monk and my bro's WD!

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