D3 Test Server Login Issues - 12/8/11 (cont)

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was up for about 1 min, back down again
Just came up for me
You guys realise that the whole point of this Beta test is to fix errors in the game right?! Errors have been identified and they are fixing them. The priority is not to get the servers back up as quickly as possible, it's to identify what went wrong and fix it so it doesn't happen again.
Can't connect, back to perpetual Error 395000 at the authentication stage
Now I can't connect to the server at all, error 3003
i cant logg in as well getting 3003
Got some great playtime in earlier today. Logged in this evening and got the 3003 Error. Ah, well...such is the nature of Beta. Can't wait until the game actually comes out.

In the meantime, I've got an excuse to go play some Starcraft II...
I Believe the Beta is down for the night ( till Noon Sat)
Based on what? I didn't see any posts.
12/09/2011 04:05 PMPosted by DrDOS
Now I can't connect to the server at all, error 3003

New error for me as well. They are probably tweaking around with the servers to manage the load from all the new BETA players.

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