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Please support paysafecard ( for your Balance. Many western countries have it. Where I liveyou can get it in over 2000 places, and I live in a small country of only 7 million people.

Other games/companies that use this system...

- STEAM (big network)
- League of Legends (has over 10 million players)

Never heard of it.
Where do you live? It's a EU based company so it is more known over here.
Paysafecard is just getting started here in the US. It kinda sucks now because you can only use it to buy PC only games that all say "FREE" on their webpages--as well as DVD software to pirate movies. But, as I bought one, thinking I could use it to purchase something overseas that took paysafecard, only to find I was stuck with it, I would LOVE for World Of Warcraft/Blizzard to start using paysafecard, as it's really really hard to get a refund. The bank that it is on is in Austria.
can you put in the pay save card !!! because I don't have visa or card master card and way
you don't have pay save card in the ??

please could you answers my Question please !!!!!
There is a blizzard gift card they sell at walmart, in the game section.

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