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So we know they pretty much scrapped the unattuned runestone system and are trying something new. I came up with a few ideas of my own so feel free to flame me at your leisure.

Basically my idea would be that runes would drop as their specific rune (alabaster, indigo, etc) and you could socket that rune wherever you want and move it at your leisure. Now I have a few different ideas for their affix problem.

One, each rune would come with a set number of available affix "slots", and the enchanter could enchant each slot with an enchantment of your choice. So lets say Rank 1,2,3,4 runestones have 1,2,3,4 affixes respectively. You could then go to the enchanter and put the affixes that best fit your playstyle on each rune (Attack, Mana regen, Crit, etc).

Whether these enchants are rune specific or not can just add to their rarity. You could either be allowed any enchant or have to find runestone scrolls for the enchanter. Depends how rare Blizzard is looking for. They can either make the runes themselves rare, the enchants expensive, the scrolls rare, or a combination of any. The upside to this is if you like your rune and its enchantments, but maybe not its affect on the skill, you can switch the rune to another skill and the affixes you put in place do not punish you.

Second idea is to have all runestones drop "blank" and you would have to pay the jeweler to add the affix slots for you, creating a gold sink. Then you have to pay the enchanter to enchant them, etc. The slots would still be capped per runestone type (though maybe in a different manner so that a type 1 runestone with 2 affixes can last you until you can afford/find a type 2 or higher with more affix slots).

Just an idea I had while taking a shower. Criticize and poke away please.
EDIT: If this idea was put forth before I am an idiot and I did not mean to steal your idea.
I like the idea of runes having affixes, but four? And what about rank 7's? Imagine 6 skills each with 7 affixes, 42 bonuses. That's getting to the point where runes will take over your gear in terms of power. If runes do have affixes, that affix should only be a minor supplement to your character. What your talking about is a huge op bonus. Finally, I just see this whole system as an unnecessary complication to runes. You're creating a system to fix something that's not broken, why not just let runes drop with their random affixes?

With love, YourEvilrakeMate
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I was just using an example it doesn't have to have that many. Then again the highest quality crafted armor can have 6 random properties and enhancements so who knows. It really is not too complicated just wordy too explain and random affixes may make the rune you finally wanted not so appealing. My witch doctor does not need Arcane Power on his obsidian rune. It depends how rare they are making runes I suppose. This idea just adds to character customization and build variety is all I was thinking.

I do agree more randomization is a good thing though.

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