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I understand the new skill system prevent any hardcore player to skill-swapping all the time. However, there is two downsides of this system that really frustrate my gameplay experience.

Firstly, when I level-up, I obtain a new skill, in the old system, i can immediately switch to that skill and try it out to see if it fits my play style. If I don't like it, I will switch back to my ordinary skills. But now, I level up, and I am in the middle of a dungeon and I don't want to portal back to switch skill just to test it out, I really want to stay in the action.

Secondly, now I open up spell window, all I can see is my active spells. But I want to check out other spell's description or check out what awesome spell am I going to learn in next few levels.

My suggestion is to bring back the old system, but add a restriction on spell swap: When there are enemies in your proximity (say certain range), you can not change your spells. If you play skyrim, you should be familiar with fast travel system, it is simply disabled when there are enemies around you and you have to kill them before you can fast travel. Why don't adopt this idea on current spell system?

It makes sure you do not change spell all the time while fighting monsters and also allow you have quick access to your spells. And lastly, I didn't come up with this idea, until I took an arrow in my knee.
That meme stopped being funny when I took an arrow in my knee.

Oh, and on a constructive note, I haven't played the beta, but it seems like that would be more along the lines of their current "Less time selling and hanging around town more time killing" attitude. +1
The portion of time that this affects is between the levels of 2 and 29.

I feel that the current system is fine. When you get a new skill, and it's your in your fifth option, you may be tempted to completely rework your spec, with the new ability more prominent in your skills, when it unlocks. The best way to do this is to get players to go to town to use the Altar.

Your experience may be being heavily biased because of the Beta, and how frequently skill changing comes up in that small portion.

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