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a small suggestion but how about before everybody decides to create their own thread about error 395000 how about some people do a quick search on the error? my 12 year old brother can read a single thread on the error, realize that it's a server problem, see that there have already been about 154132 posts on it and there really doesn't need to be a new thread made for every single person experiencing the issue (everyone who's in the beta).

sorry if i sound angry but i'm starting to get annoyed by the sheer amount of thread made on this and after a long day at work i want nothing more than to play d3.
Here's to adding to the problem. cheers
explain to me how this is adding to the problem?
also she should have made cheese filled ravioli with alfredo sauce.
so you make yet another thread about the error. gg.
12/09/2011 02:47 PMPosted by DasGhost
Here's to adding to the problem. cheers

this isn't a thread about the error. it's a thread that is aimed toward stopping people posting about the error. l2read kthx
I can't play. Don't have a beta. I won't make any threads about said error. I am one less player to worry about.

you let your brother play your games, lol.
oh hell no. i'm just saying if i did he could figure it out lol

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