VGA's d3 release date announcement poll

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Yes - The release date will be announced tomorrow for d3.
Brain - No
Heart - Yes

"most anticipated game of year award"
Chances are good......they will not announce a release date.
So no.
Heart? Sure, I suppose, honestly doesn't matter to me.

Knowing the release date won't change anything, I'm pretty content at the moment with what I got. I've been finding things to do for quite some time since I quit WoW. I'd like the release date, just so I know the game will indeed be coming out, but other than that it doesn't matter much to me.
The only announcement bliz will make is that RMAH/ isn't ready

If Diablo 3 ain't announced before christmas, it will be delayed to Q3 2012

Edit: Beta is not even half way done...

All of these statements *COULD* be true, but you sir have no way of knowing.

Beta doesn't have an End date, so how could it be not even halfway done?

The only announcement bliz will make is that the RMAH/ isn't ready. ? Wrong. Blizzard wouldn't even announce that. They would just let us draw our own conclusions, we are really good at that after all...
have they nailed down 100% wot they are doing with the rune system?

no from me
heart's desire ?

will the actual date be announced ?

at best we'll get a month
"coming January 2012"
"coming February 2012"
Brain - No
Heart - Yes
12/09/2011 05:13 PMPosted by Delphin
No. They're still trying to figure out when "soon" is.

This.... but, I would love to know the release day already
It's a no from me. Why? RMAH is a disaster, runestones aren't figured out yet, and they've been struggling to keep the servers from crashing with ~700ish people playing (for the past 3 days).

To the point where tonight we got the "it's friday night, we want to go home. pick this up in the morning" news update.

They're not ready.
nah, it would have been at blizzcon. they'll patch first, minor patch and then move on. they are more addicted to making good games than we are at playing them.
Herm.. well that's the question, I don't know....

WAIT I know, I'll ask @!%%y!

So @!%%y, what you saying pal?

-@!%%y @!%%-@!%%y! @!%%y@!%%y@!%% @!%%@!%%!

Whoa... I didn't expect that answer... Does anyone knows how to translate that @!%%'s language?
have they nailed down 100% wot they are doing with the rune system?

no from me

As far as I can tell they have, they aren't going to be unattuned anymore.

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