GTX 275 not supported

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it said the game do not support my nvidia gtx 275

am i the only one with this issue?
12/09/2011 07:55 PMPosted by Raiklus
You might need to update your nvidia video drivers.

Use the most recent ones that are not beta.
I have no issues that I'm aware of with my 295, which I think is just two 275's put together.
my driver are up to date (285.58)
it is weird becose i played a little this morning with the same comp. and now this issue without changing anything

thx for your replay guys :)
I'm running a GTX 460 2Win (Two cards SLI'd into one) and using the 275.33 version. Upon launching the game I got a message that suggested I update my drivers, but I didn't.

Pretty much because the latest 285.xx causes my computer to freeze.

i should reinstall the game ?

taking so long to dl 3 gig ... :(

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