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04/30/2012 03:12 PMPosted by deadpenguins
Actually there is evidence that it will have a purpose in D3 (along with 4 other seemingly useless items) to conjure the Staff of Herding (think herding cows or ponies) which will open up whatever secret portal they choose to have this time around, whether it be cows again, or magical rainbow ponies. This item was found in the game files, along with the Nightmare Staff of Herding, the Hellish Staff of Herding, and the Infernal Staff of Herding (one secret level for each difficulty). In order to upgrade to the next level of Staff, you simply have to pay a monetary fee at the blacksmith (the Infernal seems to cost somewhere around 1,300,000 gold total). I've actually found the BS plans for the Infernal Staff of Herding (in the mooege d3 beta game), so I'm pretty confident this is very real. If you're curious as to wtf I'm blabbering on about, start googling the staff of herding and the secret pony level.

they said and even sometimes in a loading screen it says their is no cow level
I'm sure someone has figured this ut already, but just in case,

There is no cow level. There is, however, a secret level, and you must craft an item to get in. You talk to the ghost of the Cow King, and you must have several other items to make the first staff [instead of Wirt's Leg and a Tome of Town Portal in the Horadric Cube] Save the mushroom. :) Have fun storming the castle!
Oh my, there are necromancers in D3 too!

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