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Since I JUST got my first ever "gaming" machine and I have dual screens, I'm now wondering if Diablo III will support dual screens. Maybe the inventory can be constantly open, or the mini-map can be on the other screen, or any other "pop-up" menu.

You could have the D3 wiki open all the time :)
I highly doubt it will support it. About the only thing you'll enjoy with dual screens is setting the game into full screen windowed mode so you can actually go off to your other screen.
It currently doesn't put info on two screens. You could go windowed if you don't have widescreen to get it on two displays but it's still going to be stuck at whatever aspect ratio you set.

There has been blue confirmation that it will not support multiple monitors. It was quite a while ago though, that it was said. Bashiok said something along the lines of "It looks glorious at home with my 2560x1600 resolution."

This was before the F&F beta started.
Still no dual screen support. What I do is put my resolution at full screen windows so i can move to my second monitor without alt + tabbing. You can also move D3 between the two monitors (in Windows 7) by using Windows + Shift + Right/Left.
I've been waiting for games to regularly adopt this multi-monitor display. I believe that is one of the "future in technology of games" that hopefully will come through soon. Dual or Triple display is pretty common now, at least common enough to have the option of dual monitor support. Having a game that takes advantage of dual monitors opens up a whole new world of gaming possibilities.
I don't want the "game" area to stretch to the other screen, I just want all the menus open on the second screen (inventory, spells, etc). I realize that that not's a normal option for a game, but like Delavager said, that could be the "future in technology of games".

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