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I've never played Diablo before, but have played many, many other fps and Wow type games. I finished up the D3 Beta game last night. I really loved the graphic content and the story lines. The game play had some lag points when something was about to happen content wise, but other than that it was smooth. I ran a Demon Hunter.

It took me a little bit of time to get the movement down and how to not run into mobs left clicking. The targeting systme was kind of strange. I would target then, sometimes for no reason it would move to another mob, or I would lose the target all together. By level 3 I was fine, and just dealt with the targeting the best I could. I had a tooltip keep popping up saying I had an empty slot, even though I had nothing to put in the slot.

The boss fights were pretty awesome. Without giving away spoilers, the first Real boss had some nice fight features.

The sound on the game is Awesome! I run a 5.1 and some of the ambient sounds made me jump a few times. Didn't help that I played in a dark room at night.

Anyhow, it was very cool and different, and very addictive.

hold down shift key (or remap it to a mouse button) to keep your character in place when attacking. This will be especially useful for Demon Hunter so you don't move when trying to attack at a distance.
It's nice to read your impressions from a set of fresh eyes. So many of us can't help but compare this game to previous iterations since we are long time fans.

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