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Hey can anyone suggest a good laptop or know any good brands in specific? My parents and brother said they'd help me buy one for christmas, my budget is about a $1000 dollar laptop and I want it to be able to run Diablo 3 (and more if possible). I also want it to be around 14" and not flashy (don't want alienware). So please if you could throw me some linx, thanks
Honest suggestion: check

You missed out on some good deals for black friday...

Acer and Toshiba have some decent quad cores under $1000. I5 or I7 intel chipsets, I recommend staying away from AMD. But do yourself a favor and don't get anything smaller than 15". I would recommend closer to 17" screen.

Best of luck
Im not sure I want such a huge laptop
I have owned this Toshiba for 2 1/2 years. Only to find out that my graphics card gets so hot that it has the possibility of destroying my motherboard. I currently cannot complete a single game in SC2 on lowest settings without my pc shutting down by itself. I'm also on a rather restrictive budget, but I won't be buying another Toshiba for gameing.

Interested in other options, if any more are brought up.
Here's a couple laptops under $1k that should run D3 np;

Link to ASUS zenbook

here's an ultrabook from Toshiba
Look up Asus, they are really nice. Overclockable and not to bad on price. One thing is your looking for gaming in a 14" laptop. Hardware wont be there for a good price cause its harder to jam it in there. The best you can get for the $ is a 17". They aren't as big as you think and nearly everyone has one today.

I have a Dell Studio with a 1GB Radeon 4650 that i overclocked from 550Mhz to 675Mhz with about 2-4C difference getting no hotter than 56C. i7 processor.

Just make sure what you get has at least a 1GB GPU and look up the speeds to make sure they are 500Mhz + I prefer 600Mhz.

I prefer the i7 over an i5 but I also multi task a lot more and I enjoy the extra threads. Btw, RAM is very cheap to upgrade, dont worry about the ram size because 8GB 1333 is about $35 and sometimes less.
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Go with a desktop!!! cheaper.

Dude if someone wants a laptop it means they have a reason for it. If hes a student or a traveler you NEED a laptop. So stupid comments like you stated is basically like trolling, its not helping him in any way.
Lenovo Y570? i5 with 1GB Nvidia 555m. Can get for well under $1,000. However the screen is 15 inch.

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