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Were talking about energy by itself. Energy by itself did not increase regeneration rate.

Energy gives you mana. Mana regen is affected by your max mana. You're really dense aren't you?
12/31/2011 06:17 AMPosted by Raw
Were talking about energy by itself. Energy by itself did not increase regeneration rate.

Energy gives you mana. Mana regen is affected by your max mana. You're really dense aren't you?

calm down kid admitted the mistake which half of you on these forums don't even have the balls to do yet.
Cannot upvote enough times.
the one 'flaw' that i see coming (if it can indeed be called a flaw) with pinning attribs to gear etc, would be a return to 'gear sets' and the inadequate space needed for such.. currently..

they'll need something like purchasable bags and bag slots.. otherwise, you're going to hear a lot of 'wait, i have the wrong gear on, let me go back and get it' etc..

might be a smaller issue, but ultimately might prove to be a major irritation..
12/31/2011 09:03 AMPosted by Thunderballs
Man... did we really need a thread like this? People just can't let go and accept the fact that Blizzard would rather tap the casual market than deal with hardcore gamers.

So what you are saying is that the system they came up with: Simpler to understand, but MORE addictive and hard to master and get fully, is not dealing with Hardcore gamers?

Hey I am as hardcore about D2 as they come and spent years playing it, but being hardcore does not mean that I want to put up with complex systems that were not needed or was just redundant.

Look for us players they have made it simpler to understand and grasp playing. I don't have to try to guess how much damage I am doing cause the character screen was crap and didn't account for everything, or calculated somethings differently than I would guess, which leaves me to concentrate on figuring out how other things work together. I can make more builds and not have the surprise that my Werewolf form is not doing the DPS I thought it would and have to be forced to either scrap the whole thing or find a crapton of items to cover over the blunder that should not have happened in the first place.
Greatest thread ever!
12/31/2011 04:54 AMPosted by Dontinquire
Gemcrafting is the new way in which a player may give themselves stat points.

Please give me these points on level up rather than as drops.

the change in the stats themselves fixed the Shift+Vit problem not the change in the point buy system.

12/31/2011 04:55 AMPosted by Dontinquire
If you were looking for incremental damage gains like skill points, this is another area where the runestone system shines! There are 7 levels of runestone.

except that only 1 level of runestones will drop on an entire difficulty (except inferno) so these incremental gains will be exceptionally rare.
Awesome thread.
Sticky material!
@Thunderballs I don't think you read anything the OP had to say...
I have to say this thread is one well put together piece of work. I have been following the game for a long time, and am even playing it, and did not remember or realize that in a side by side comparisson of features this is the way things work out.

I have to say I am at a loss for words, for I was one of those that posted about losing customization. I am impressed OP. I bow my hat to you, and thank you for your post.


I look forward to reading your 3-7 sub sections, and hope they offer me as quality a read as 1-3.
Glad somebody put this into writing. I think this goes to show that there are ways to improve the efficiency of the customization process without diminishing it.

Keep the sections coming.
Please give me these points on level up rather than as drops.

the change in the stats themselves fixed the Shift+Vit problem not the change in the point buy system.

Let me ask you something, Mr. Venguard: you play WoW like I do, as we can see. Now, I see you have two specs listed: arcane and fire. Doesn't the ability to change your build, should you feel it necessary, seem awfully convenient sometimes? Don't you like the ability to, should you dislike how your spec plays, change it into something that's more fun?

I know I do. I like the ability to be able to switch to frost spec, should I need to do so for my raid, or should it simply be more fun. Do you know why I can do this? Because my stats aren't locked in from when I leveled up. Sure, I might have to get a whole new set of gear, buy glyphs, enchant and gem it all, which would take a good deal of time in and of itself...but it's an option.

With placing stats as you level them, locking them in permanently, you aren't creating customization, you are creating a prison. You cannot change your stat-build, ever, period. That kills future customization, as the only way to make changes is to re-roll your character, as you can change gear, enchants, gems, runestones. Did you think that that precision-based build your friend has looked cool? Sorry, you CAN’T play it. Did you get too much attack and now die almost in one hit since you’re in inferno and have no defense? Sorry, you’re STUCK.

Now you have to reroll, and all the time you spent building up that character, going through normal, nightmare and hell (without rushing, I might add, thanks to how the new system works), is now completely wasted.

That’s part of why Blizzard has removed the whole stat system, because all it did was help you trap yourself. Now, if you decide that you don’t like how your character plays, it might slow you down while you find the gear, the runestones, the enchants and gems for your new, hopefully more fun build…but you don’t have to redo the entire game to do it. You can play as you like. If you come up with something new and crazy, go ahead and give it a whirl, without having to spend days of time getting to where you can really test it.

Doesn’t that sound better? Doesn’t that sound more FUN?

Now, ask yourself, how badly do I want to redo all of the first three difficulties (remember, no rushing) in order to redo my stats? How badly do I want to trap myself in one particular build and lock myself there for eternity?

Now, you may have a taste for shooting yourself in the foot, but I suspect the answer to both of those questions is: “Actually…not really.”

Now, feel free to go ahead and play with the talent calculator. Look over the various builds. Figure out what looks like fun to you. Speculate on which skill might be better with which rune. Consider what merc looks like the best to pair with it.

And remember, if you’re wrong, you can always fix it.

PS: I’m sure that someone will come in here and say, “They could always make it so you can respect your attributes. They don’t need to make it permanent. Just have a respec cost, and it’s no big deal.”

In response to that, “I’m sure they could...but in that case, what is the difference between attributes and gems? And isn’t the very lack of permanent choices the very thing most of you people are arguing against?”
Sticky Requested. Hope more "uninformed" people see this.
This thread is what we've been needing. Thank you for taking the time to lay all of this out for everybody. +Liked, +Sticky Requested

Here's to hoping the other posts get written sometime soon.
Excellent thread, thank you very much OP. I appreciate all this info.

Thumbs up.
excellent thread. states everything very well. can't wait to read the reserved posts
I don't have any problems with the stats, skills, and items in terms of customization. I'm happy with D2, I'm happy with D3, I don't really care about that at all.

My grief is with the lack of character development permanence. In D2, decisions made by the player were final and PERMANENT, giving the player complete control and satisfaction over their character as they played through the game. In D3, there are absolutely NO permanent choices that can be made when developing your character. Since every skill selection, rune selection, and item selection made by the player can be reversed 100%, I feel zero satisfaction when selecting items or abilities. Since they decided to abandon the more rigid structure of D2 in lieu of the happy-go-lucky WoW structure, I feel betrayed as a long-time Diablo 2 player and fan.

I just don't understand why they had to abandon it completely? Could they not strike a balance between permanent decisions and flexible ones? Could the players not make some decisions throughout the game that actually stand the test of time and shape their character, permanently, while also allowing a degree of flexibility?
great thread

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