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12/31/2011 03:43 PMPosted by Body
The problem is there are no more "caster themed" or "physical themed" items anymore. Every item now (except for class specific) is just "general themed" for everyone to use. That's just bland.

You say bland, I say balanced. How many times did you find an AMAZING caster type item with %ED instead of FCR? Now the item can still be amazing across all classes because ED affects skillpower for casters (instead of just melee).
12/31/2011 03:43 PMPosted by Body
The problem is there are no more "caster themed" or "physical themed" items anymore. Every item now (except for class specific) is just "general themed" for everyone to use. That's just bland.

Conversely, though, it makes it easier to share/trade/sell gear if you don't have a use for it any more, and leads to fewer instances of "well I like some of these stats, but it has attack speed instead of cast speed" or whatever. You call it bland; others might call it flexible.

Anyway. Very good thread here; well reasoned, detailed, mostly objective, and backed with numbers where applicable. I spend a lot of time combating these sorts of stat/skill/customization-related arguments over on the beta forums, so it's kind of refreshing to see something like this every now and then.
It's a shame people need to see it laid down like this to fully understand how the game will work.
For having played the Beta for so long...

In response to players who complain that there are no longer any permanent choices that define their character: You have a choice to either follow a strict plan and stick with it the entire game, or be flexible and adapt your character. You can reroll if you really want to, no one is holding a gun to your head forcing you to swap skills or gems or enchants. It is a CHOICE to stick with the choices you make about customization.
Wonderful post! Thanks for taking the time. D III will be the ish, can't wait. Monk baby!
most coherent and informative post i've read on these forums so far, thanks for this.
the section on stats, enchanting, and socketing were particularly interesting

well written. +1. gg. would read again.
Section 4 has been added! It's 3,000 words. I must be bored! (-:
12/31/2011 10:27 AMPosted by Vengaurd
except that only 1 level of runestones will drop on an entire difficulty (except inferno) so these incremental gains will be exceptionally rare.

I just wanted to make a small clarification that as of BlizzCon '11 there are two runestone levels per difficulty.

Moreover, there are plans to add affixes to runes, which creates further potential for customization. Searching for that perfect crimson rune that has +dmg or leech, let alone deciding which affixes are optimal/viable, becomes more compelling.

Although they've scrapped the 'attuned' rune system, they liked the affixes-- I agree with both sentiments.
You must have a lot of spare time
12/31/2011 10:09 PMPosted by Bardowngino
You must have a lot of spare time
That or ____ is making me work New Years...
Great posts OP, the only problem I foresee is that most of the people creating these repeat threads probably don't have the mental capacity, to understand, or patience to read all of the useful and well thought out information you've provided us with...
Requested Sticky :)
I take back a previous post that i feel quite silly for posting on a different thread.
(i had to put this in my favorites so i could read the other half tommorow, and i can't wait for the last threads).
thank you for putting this all in perscpective, i understand more clearly the better parts of D3 over D2.
Also, i agree ^^^. A sticky would be great. :). i only have one question, how long might it take to " get up on" enchanting, blacksmithing, and/or jewelcrafting? Will it take massive amounts of time, or will it be more of a do it as you go kind of thing as it was with gems/runes in D2?
(sorry for posting this if you already answered that question in the post, but i must have missed it)
@tocho, I'd imagine that by the time I hit level 60 I may have to go back to previous difficulties just to rank up my crafting NPC's. Based on the fact that making a blacksmith level 5 in the beta takes something to the tune of 10 hours, I could easily see the crafting system taking a MASSIVE time investment. Additionally 90% of the tier 10 recipes are in game drops. Even getting to that point will take an extremely long time. Substantial gold costs accompany each recipe. A lot of this post is speculation, the original posts I made just talk about what we know to be certain regarding these systems. Speculation is an entirely different discussion.
Now this is what should be posted when comparing one game in a series to another - a full-on explanation of WHY the new system can be more efficient than the old system, rather than rose-tinted hyperbole. Sadly, not everyone will heed it.

I threw a sticky request for this thread. I hope it helps.

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