Error 315300 'Incorrect username/password'

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I have a problem in Diablo 3 beta and think could get a hand from you. I got my key of Diablo 3 beta a week ago. But I can not login it along.

"Your account name or password is incorrect, please try again" ERROR_315300
I am 100% sure all info is right, as I have used it to log in to battlenet and world of warcraft...

And I still fail to login D3 both on the computer of mine and my friend's with my account, while I can login D3 with other account on this two.

I'm sure that there isn't any problem with my client and the D3 servers .

I have contected the Blizzard Support, and they recommended me to post here.

Please help me!!! Thanks~~
Post here:

Technical Support, where people are actually in the beta, or people that work at Blizz can help you.

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Thank you~~~
Hey guys,
I just had this same issue and I have seen a great deal of threads related to it but since this one is the first that comes up on search and it's short I've posted here. For those of you that have the error only on the D3 beta login screen I will try and hunt down some of the other fix threads later. For now, if you are having the 315300 error on the beta login and are unable to log into the or any other blizz product AND use a mobile authenticator call support and have them remove the authenticator and reapply it. I went through 4 hours of various fixes and waited for 1.5 hours on the phone but it was the ONLY resolution that solved the entire issue. Hope it helps those of you who have been waiting to get on like I had.

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