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Demon Hunter
I've been looking at a few of the builds in these forums and they seem to range from very minor differences to major ones. Can anyone point me in the direction of some general rules for creating a build, or overall theory for the DH?

Maybe how many builders vs spenders vs disc, or what runes work well together, what weapons to keep in mind, or how to choose your passives. If anyone knows where I can find that sort of thing I'd be really grateful.
The demon hunter is such a sweet character. The thing with diablo 3 is that there is not just 1 uber build the customisation they have put into it means you can choose how you want to go. I would play the game and experiment with what you like with your playstyle. Everyone has their way that thinks is the best. This maybe true for them but maybe not for you. I do suggest getting vault its loads of fun to comando roll everywhere.
I've made such a guide which can be found here:
First off I really like your over-arching guide Wyvern.. I think it says a lot of very intelligent things.

As for a general overview for the DH most are ranged builds, though they don't have to be. Here is a very basic list:

Rocketeer/ high dps:
Rapid-fire, especially with ballistics as a base, maybe with vault for movement OR strafe. Sometimes people use multi for it, but we are in the minority I think

ie traps (caltrops, spike trap, maybe sentry), and possibly entangling shot as a slow, along with marked for death and cull the weak (for damage and extra time)

AOE and/or high mobility:
Multishot and/or grenades. Vault for sure, and evasive fire. People also pick up tactical advantage for movement speed

Discipline heavy builds:
Look at EveofWar's post... but basically these have preperation and vault in addition to caltrops and sentry. ... with perfectionist to make disc cost less.

This is not exactly right, but kind of a base
Call me cynical, but right now all we really have is the documentation Blizzard has provided us and knowledge from the beta. It's fun to make all these builds on paper while we wait, but ultimately I'll be very surprised if any of them, including the builds I come up with, wind up being what we actually play with. I think once we play a character in the real game and complete our first first Normal difficulty playthrough some light bulbs will go on for us.

I think you'll see general kinds of builds at that point, is my prediction. I think that knowledge base will come before we know it. Every game that attempts this kind of thing inevitably winds up with the players figuring out the best combos and building around them. But I give Blizzard credit, they have set this up in such a way where they can alleviate this with subtle or not so subtle adjustments to underused or overused runes/skills.
This build is a real winner. You could probably solo Inferno with this beast.!chb!YbaZZb

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