D3 release in February? Look at the picture.

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lol its a fake picture

But why blizzard would let resellers spill the news instead of an official announcement from them? Kind of confusing...

This is how it works, when it comes to business. It's all about money son.
I would have to say this is either a Photoshopped image, or that store is gonna have some angry customers. We have NOTHING like that in the Best Buy that I work at. I'm one of the seniors in the Gaming department and we have NOTHING like this...
So painfully fake it's not even funny.

Sad that people actually bought into that.
http://www.bestbuy.com/site/Diablo+III+-+Mac/Windows/1800081.p?id=1218292463150&skuId=1800081&st=diablo 3&lp=4&cp=1

that was on the best buy website, says 2/1/2012 on the release date part
Fake or just a poor job creating a poster?

There seems to be a double image across the board, so I could see how it could be considered fake.

Best Buy's official site does claim to release on February 1st.
LOL kinda funny that the actual date is blurred out by the lights. I'd say this is fake. I have a buddy at best buy who could do this same thing without any photoshopping.
Take a close look at the the Best Buy logo in yellow at the top with the rest of the writing below it. It's wayyyyyy off.The angles don't look right. I'm calling BS on this one. Good try though.
Well i am surprised that nobody has pointed out that the beta sweepstakes runs until Jan 23rd. The beta will run a little while longer after that so mid-late February could actually work. Below is text from the beta sweepstakes.

Q. When exactly will the weekly drawings be held?
A. Drawings will be held every Tuesday. We'll gather up all of the entries submitted before 11:59 p.m. each Monday and then randomly select 100 qualified winners from that pool to receive a beta key. Winners will be removed from the entry pool and the process will repeat again the following Monday until January 23, 2012.
first off i hate people like this because for one theyre retarded and can only reguritate via copy and paste, and two because they dont even read what theyre copy and pasting if he had read further into the rules it states they can end OR extend the contest whenever they want for however long they want so the contest could end tomorrow....it could end today....it could end next year...they are legally allowed to end it whenever they want....secondly....

for idiots that think that after the beta ends it will take 2+months for the game to be released? think again http://forums.battle.net/thread.html?topicId=27837073523&sid=3000 redirect your eyes to post 5 by bashiok....thats right the post maybe a little dated..a little....but its still bash "We probably won't end beta until shortly before release, and traditionally we've tried to announce release dates about two months before release. I couldn't speculate how invites might ramp up or down when the beta finally comes to a close, it definitely is not coming to a close yet though.
" and if people whine about "traditions" mentioned by him..im sure they have broken it a couple times....also traditions can be broken....
I hope its released in Feb. But I highly doubt it now. Especially since Bash has said they are making some large changes to the game system. It seems like they are revamping some things and that will more than likely push the date back
It looks pretty fake the more I look at it.

Notice how the text of MIDNIGHT OPENING seems to move towards the yellow Best Buy part of the image it could be bad photoquality, but I'm more inclined to believe its bad perspective warping in Photoshop. Also, the typeface used looks really funky.. I doubt Blizzard would be so careless with their marketing materials...

Aye, it's 100% fake IMO. It's not even about Korea stuff, Blizzard as the one capable of giving us release date or other factors, but the quality of the photo. It is plain and simple: too many things on that particular picture are not correct.
01/07/2012 05:41 AMPosted by dinophreak
Yay, another vitriol inducing release date speculation... I hope a blue jumps on this quickly, before the pitchforks come out again.

*grabs his pitchfork*
*polishes his pitchfork*
Hope this things polished before they are done polishing theirs

hehehe, thats a nice one.
im sure its not a real one tho, we all know just how tight-lipped blizzard can be on release dates.

but it does look pretty real so id be mor einclined to laugh at the incoming !@#$storm over this picture.

IF this was true, this best buy store might be in some serious trouble. and if all the stores have that poster, its gonna be even worst.

call me naive but im gonna give it a check, i gotta go to my local best buy for a new graphic card anyway :P
Just to twist it up a bit, here's one from Wally World.


March 31st, 2012
They should totally release it on feb 29th, being that it's a leap year.
LOL. Another one of these. IF you don't realize their financial motivations for doing something like this... oh well never mind. No sense in explaining this.
Just to twist it up a bit, here's one from Wally World.


March 31st, 2012

that dosent compare, its just a webpage with an obvious placeholder date versus a questionnable picture taken (supposed)

what you offer is a very weak trolling attempt versus what the OP posted :P

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