D3 release in February? Look at the picture.

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Could be a case of signs sent to all Best Buys with instructions to not put signs out until a certain date. This store messed up and put it out early. Maybe a release date is supposed to be announced Monday or something, and the signs aren't supposed to be put out then. The Feb. spelling could just be an error. It happens. Someone call the Rochester store like that German site did and see what they say.
01/07/2012 05:06 AMPosted by Masonite
that would put it 3 days before my birthday! :) I am calculating by that countdown clock, the 3rd Feb, lets say the 4th to be on the safe side! :)

lol, idk if i can wait that extra 24 hours for it....i've already waited 10 years >.< hahaha /wrist
There is no explanation about this besides the following

1. Best Buy has a troll for a manager for that store

2. Blizzard actually sent these out and told them to wait and this one messed up.

Either way, If 2 is right, and Blizzard lies about this...All hell will break loose, and Diablo himself will look at what they did and go....damn, thats #$%@ed up... Like God of War 4 and how that guy put it on his website that he worked on it...and then Sony came out and was open and honest about it....if only Blizzard had the same honest and open policy...
Yeah my guess is that it's fake. If not... i'd love to be proven wrong!
btw it says 2.1 but i doubt its right lol.. would be great if it was!
best buy, worst buys
THIS IS LEGIT!!!! YES!! Look at the best buy website it says release date: 2/1/2012

Haven't you guys learned, that best buy, future shop, wal mart do NOT always have the real release date..?

I'm pretty sure they have an estimate or the latest suspected date, and then move it back accordingly...
Alright heres my theory from a business perspective (since you know Blizzard has been trying to make any dollar it can from this game). Best Buy bought the release date from Blizzard as a marketing initiative, with exclusive rights to the release date. Now they have created a buzz about the whole thing, whether its real or its not. When we all find out the date is real (im guessing when blizzard confirms it is 2/1/2012) in a couple days, we will all know you can pre-order it from best buy
Assuming this is real for the time being: it has an electronic clock with a countdown on it...that could just as easily be changed to the real release date as it is to update their website that we have all seen to show 2011 release dates in the past.
I don't think they would just put up a poster display like that if there was no truth behind it. I hope it isnt just false advertising to get people to pre-order the game. Hoping for the best! No Beta=No Happiness....Full Game in February=Jiiiizz in my pants.
the sign is real, but the gray text is fake and added in
just go to the best buy website and see for yourself. doesnt mean its coming feb 1st, but that is what the site says. who cares if the pic is fake.

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