Could Adria be Lilith?

Lore and Story
i thought this myself recently or perhaps the black soulstone is where lilth was banished to. don't know why she would be the key though. but it would explain the female diablo in the cinematic.
It's a very interesting theory O_O
It is possible.

Look at 27:33 - 28:30. Leah were to pop out in an expansion and respawn from the abyss. Only dead demon souls respawn from there. I'm guessing Leah's parents are Diablo and Lilith.

Lilith is a damn good seducer and chief manaipulator of many things (for her own ends).
She disguise herself as Lylia to "control" or manipulate Uldyssian.
She possessed Uldyssian's childhood friend, Serenthia to continue with her own agenda of raising a nephalem army. She wants to overthrow both heavens and hell.
Although she was casted by Inarius in the void, she managed to get herself back to the sanctuary once.
No doubt she could be Adria, who happens to manipulate the dark wanderer (son of king Leoric and probable descendent of Uldyssian).
She manipulated the player to get the black soulstone and backstabbed us at the end.
Once a bad person, always the same.
Her brother also states that she's the desire of creatures, probably she's Lord of Desires lol..

Imagine Lilith (in Adria's mortal form) banged Diablo and told her dad about it.., that will shock Mephisto (her dad) like hell.
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Imagine Lilith (in Adria's mortal form) banged Diablo and told her dad about it.., that will shock Mephisto (her dad) like hell.

Mephisto probably hates her just like he hates everything else, I doubt it would even provoke a reaction from him.
Since Mephisto is her dad, I wonder who lilith's mum is or how she's even born.
Will be great that we will know more about the abyss in the expansion.
That would be cool, smart and add a lot to the plot.

So NO.

We know how they write. It is not good.
That would be cool, smart and add a lot to the plot.

So NO.

We know how they write. It is not good.

They can do it (it's not the end yet..), it will make a Diablo fan's investment (in the game) more worth it.

We want a good product with a nice plot.
I like this idea, Adria will no doubt come back in the expansion, and she being a mere no name mortal would hardly be fitting for a final boss. So either 1. Diablo gets revived again, who can ever get tired of Diablo in the Diablo franchise? or 2. Reveal that Adria is working with/ controlled by another great power, possibly Lilith. I think it would be pretty cool if Lilith and Inarious were to make an appearance. Especially now that the 7 Evils are all "dead", technically no one is controlling the Burning Hells, it should be pure chaos down there. I wouldn't be surprised if Lilith took this opportunity to control hell, (or may be this was her plan to begin with), or if Inarious took the opportunity to escape.
Lilith would not have sex with Diablo, or anyone possessed by him. Let alone have a child which helps him endanger the universe.

She created Sanctuary together with that rogue angel dude who's name I forgot (Inarius?).

She killed all their allies when they got afraid of the nephalem and talked about maybe weakening or destroying them.

She got banished but returned to save humanity from the angels and demons warring on their lands by empowering Uldyssian. And for that, she got banished again.

So I doubt she would ever help the prime evils with anything. Lilith might well be, aside from Tyrael, humanities strongest ally. She's the mother of the Nephalem and fights like a lion for their survival. I imagine her a bit like Zoltun Kulle - a loner, with an own agenda, but completely on our side.

She might even become an all-knowing replacement of the late Deckard Cain? Would be fun seeing Tyrael quarreling with her in town. :D

But Lilith, as she is introduced in the Book of Cain, would never team up with anyone who wants to hurt the Nephalem.
Well they are demons... lust, sins, and what not. You think they care about incest? Specially when it is all about power?

Anyways, with her powers and lies and deceit, Lilith just might have gone under Diablos' nose because she sees him for what? 30 seconds before she disappears when Leah turns into Diablo? He is to much into destroying heavens that in his cockiness he didn't even bothered with looking at the puny little Adria.

When she and Aiden were together he wasn't Diablo yet but contained him in the stone. So he was basically still human but with some demonic crap in him (he wouldn't be able to be alive with a normal rock penetrating his brain right?)..

And again, if you know what you are doing, then even having sex with a man with a shiny demonic stone out of his head, is still legit as it will fall into place and execute a plan to gain power.

As for Leah... she might not be full demon as her dad Aiden as I explained was still human with some demonic influence but not Diablo himself so she is basically umm... maybe 2/3 demon? lol XD
possible, +1 idea

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