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WA GWAN ?? All jokes aside, and inb4 GTFO those animations are sick. I was curious if anybody has taken a look at the Demon Hunter's rain of vengeance video on youtube? (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2oEYtDJGRHc). It has been out for awhile but I personally think that certain socketed effects such as when the ravens plow into the ground and other aoe ability's are a tad silly. And I, as well as most people I have talked with would much rather see the animations be more toned down and arrow based instead of how they are.

For those that saw the multiple wizard video's of the rune stones in effect, you do not see any magical imp's hovering on a cloud hurling fireball's etc so why the absurd style with DH?? I realize this may not be finalized, and to some it is a creative mind at work. But, I personally would be turned off playing the DH this way which was intended to be my main for HC.

Anyway, this is just personal feedback, yes JUST feedback. So take it easy and keep the flaming out of this post. Let me know your guys and gals thoughts. I just feel that an addition of some simplicity to those rune stones would make for a better over all feel to the DH. Let's hear it...

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I think these runes are pretty sweet. The DH taps into Demon magic to combat the demons themselves. It makes sense, then, that a particularly powerful DH would be able to summon minor demons to wreak havoc. It makes a lot more sense than shooting a single arrow into the sky and having an entire hail of arrows fall back down, and that looks really cool itself. You don't really play Diablo games for "realistic" abilities.

I appreciate that you don't like them, but they do fit the lore of the DH fairly well.

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