my melee build

Demon Hunter
this build would be gear dependent!fcd!Yaaaaa
method of attack
-set up traps and sentry
-use nade to lure mobs
-trap triggers damage reduce proc/+ damage increase/+damage rerduce from mobs
**if the sentry proc only buffs allies and excludes me and if FoK only attack once during that 20 sec id switch to!fbd!YaZaaa
preffered weapon
any high damaging 2h weapon for increased damage output to all skills (polearms looks good from the youtube vids)
(idt my rate of casting bombs or any other skills is affected with the slower atk spd)
or 1h weapon + shield with a combination or a mix of the following atts (chance to stun, damage reduce, disc/life regen)

gears/acces combination or a mix of the following atts
- damage reduction
-atk spd
-chance to do any type of status ailments specialy stun
-life/disc regen
**+ele resist from higher lvl like nm ,hell,inf

^main concern for this class would be mobs of range classes and even if i change vault to indigo i doubt itd help much, nevertheles seems like a fun build
The builds look pretty good, but I think you could invest in more hatred spenders because the chackrams with white runes last a long while, and the fan of knives is on a cooldown.

Otherwise GJ!

each skill relies on the other besides nades which is for small mobs/hatred generator the only spender i can think of that i can use w/o using bows is impale+overpenetration, awareness rune looks helpful since it acts like another FoK but the damage is weaker if i can compensate with traps and fundamentals to regen my hate then this would def help...!fbd!ZaZaaa
Just a side note, DH cant use 2handed melee weapons. 1 handed maces are pretty good.

From the look of it, your build looks like a Close ranged build that utilizes a melee weapon for high damage and Attack speed. I would personally try to push that idea more, removing the melee abilities and stick to very close range.!ThY!cYZYZY
This build focuses more on what i said, Utilizing the melee weapon for damage and speed. A shield would only be necessary if a good second weapon isn't available. Now you stay close, but not close enough to take any real damage.
nice build eve..i did make this build for the sole purpose of getting down into mobs faces =) and i thought this was a polearm, skip to "0:30", but i guess its somesort of javelin or somtin thanks for the 411 with 2h weapons
thanks lago
when it says based on weapon damage, does it refer to your ranged weapon since DH's are primarily ranged dps?
If you're referring to what weapon you're equipped with then yes, DH can use melee weapons such as spears and maces
how can you be a melee demon hunter thats kinda dumb imo.Also DH have no melee attacks
The biggest issue I see with melee DH is that the DH is inherently really squishy, and aside from a couple of moves they don't have the major healing like some of the other classes. You can certainly make a build that has the moves to do enough damage, but surviving in close range will be an issue, but this may be much easier now that they use Dex and get dodge from Dex, allowing a melee demon hunter to theoretically survive much easier, the biggest issue will be what the dodge cap is. Either there will be a set cap, which wouldn't be any higher than 50%, or it will have DR making it really hard to get much more than 50%. 50% is just a guess but I seriously doubt that you would be able to get more than that.

Other than that seems like a decent enough build. Considering your using two builders already though I'd get rid of fundamentals I'm assuming your actually using it for the damage in this case not the regen, but it's either going to be removed from the game or changed anyway.

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