What would happen if inferno is easy!?

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01/16/2012 08:18 PMPosted by DeMasked
Blizzard also said that players will be farming hell before going into inferno.

I just argued that point.. do you have a link where they said that? why would that want us to "farm" the last act of hell over and over till we get the best gear to go into inferno when they have said over and over again that farming one area is not fun and they dont want us to do it..

I say last act because you will be leveling from 50ish to 60 in hell.. so the last act of hell is where the level 55+ gear will be (gear that is used when going into inferno)
yeah so it should be hard, i hope for things like durring the diablo boss place in d2 like the debuff of iron maiden and stuff like that so it would make team play more viable.
Inferno will be like «insane» is in starcraft 2 when you 1v1 a bot.
Blizzard made it clear that inferno is not for the average adventurer. They made it sound like only the true boss gamers will be able to hang in inferno. And I hope that is true. Cant wait!

if you look at the sheer amount of upgrades you have in inferno you should know your wrong.. they are not going to require you to be in the best gear from inferno to be able to just get through inferno.. that wouldnt make any sence..

I think he was referring to you saying you'll be able to out-level the content. This would be impossible since all the creatures will be higher than 60 in inferno. I'm hoping that inferno will be difficult no matter how much gear you get. Saying ”look at all the upgrades! This will be easy!” is sort of meaningless because you don't know how it will compare to the stats the monsters have. + 10,000% weapon damage may look awesome, but not if mobs have 20 times that much health, or do the same amount of damage

At this point it's all a shot in the dark
What if normal is hard? Now I just blew all your minds...
normal is like a tutorial of diablo
what or who is a "yall"?

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