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I've noticed that beta party sizes are limited to only 4 players. Given the stuttering issues in big fights with just the four players, is the game going to have the 8 player groups of Diablo 2 or are they going to play it safe with just 4?

Four seems really small...
It's been confirmed to be 4 for years now....
I wish I could digitally slap you across the internet, but I can't... yet.

It's pretty much set in stone that four players will be the cap. IIRC Jay said it was because with any more characters the screen got messy and was hard to find your character.

As far as I have heard from Beta testers, four is a magical perfect number. Enough to feel like your in a group with others and few enough were they could locate themselves without it taking too long. As everything is being hosted via the server (except for a few minor cosmetic things) I don't even see it as a possibility unless Blizzards allows it.
Argh, 4?! Really? I have to admit, I really have been avoiding learning too much about the game before it comes out because I didn't want to get myself excited too early.

It's 2012 and we can't even get more than 4 people in a game at a time? That's just ridiculous.

I don't know about you, but I have more friends than that.
01/17/2012 09:14 AMPosted by Chimera
If it was 3012 the party limit would still be 4. They lowered the party size for the same reason they did away with 40 man raids. There was always a couple of people doing their job, while the rest sat in town or just stood around not doing anything.
Even so the option for 8 should remain

Diablo2 had a default of 4 players and could be (and nearly always was) increased to 8

However anyone hoping for more then 4 players well it's a dead horse stop beating it
In other news, D3 will require an active internet connection at all times.

-1 stupid OP


It's stupid people like OP who ruin games like this.

I agree. The game is completely ruined now. Blizzard should just call everything off.

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