The Book of Cain

Lore and Story
So I just got my Book of Cain and I am loving it!

For those who don't know what is the Book of Cain is this is the link -

So I wanted to know who else has the book and if they are enjoying reading it!
Just finished it last night pretty intresting stuff in there. Since then i bought the sin wars and going to read through those as well. Im so excited for D3 since i dont have the beta im just reading any and all lore i can get my hands on.
I enjoyed the book.....really put the story together a bit more for me :)
I love it!

It's an excellent bridge between the events of D2 and D3.
Reading through it was an awesome experience! loved it :)
The book was awesome, :D.
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i like how they made the book and the way they told each stroy line.
Just finished it myself. Great story, nicely ties everything together, and does a great job of foreshadowing what is to come in Diablo 3.

Will be sad when Cain dies, but fighting Angels will be awesome beyond belief.
I thought it was interesting they don't want to put more of A1 out there for spoiler reasons then the BoC does stuff like show every angel, show all locations of heaven, or maybe not show but heavily hint that Leah is the daughter of Diablo and will have to make some sort of choice in D3.

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