Why have white items?

Items and Crafting
The common items can't be salvaged now. If a character does not use any white items past level 5, why have them at all? Diablo 2 had them just to sell (or imbue), but it seems like the new crew wants to save us from that kind of tedium.

Maybe the white items could have more base damage/armor than their magical counterparts to give a reason for their existence.

Maybe it is just to add to the suspense of the item dropping aspect. I have no idea.
possibility for runewords in the future?
I'll pick them up just to sell them.
magic find increases the chance a white = a blue,rare,set,leg

if you can't drop a white,
what happens?

Although I agree with OP.
past level 5, Until runewords DO exist, (or recipes require a white) there is no reason to drop something that will be gold... just make it gold.
white items = trash trash = gold gold = $$$

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