AOE Dot Build


I was thinking a rotation like this
-Lightning x2
-Exploding palm
(-Lightning x2
-Sweeping wind) Repeat to 3 stacks
-Rinse and Repeat
- Then throwing 7sided and cyclones in there when i have the spirit.

what yall think?

well your passive Chant of Resonance doesn't really help you with this build since you are essentially using 3 Spirit spenders, though I cant judge how much Cyclone vs using spenders for your "DoT" build will be, I would use Guardians Path or Seize or Sixth Sense, with dodge seeing you dont have LTK to stun/control , as well I would Use in your mantra "Overawe" instead of 17% weapon damage, being I think with all the DoTs, overall damage might be better. I think in the first difficulty this build would be a very fun and fast pace, Though I think instead of "Fists" use Deadly Reach with an Crimson for +30% Damage for 30 seconds,(Do not know if it stacks with Overawe, hoping it does so 60% overall Damage increase) which would be sick with all your AoE DoT.

I just think it doesnt have the defense you'll need in later difficulties. you may say well i have the Cyclone heal, but thats not gunna help bieng a 75Ss(Spirit Spender) it will take 3 rounds of combos to use one Cyclone... Mitigating damage will be a huge ideal for Monks, However maybe through Affixes through our Gear could help...
Finding may be troublesome.

Really like the Idea of yours, I may mix my build up with some of your concept. I really love Exploding palm, it simply just looks so BA how could I not use it? =)

I will link my build once I get to my main Comp, I guess Blizzard saves your builds that way.

P.s. DIABLO MONKS > WoW's MONKS ... end of story
Yeah show me the build your thinking of, I didnt really take into account the later stages of the game. I was playing around with fists (lightning fast) for some dodge, and the reason i picked fists was cause from the videos i saw it was the "quickest" to build up my cyclones but unfortunately i haven't played it yet to see if its a big difference.

Yeah if deadly reach w/ crimson (foresight) stacked w/ Overwe that would be great for a DOT based build.
Here is my take on an AoE DoT build...!UYc!bcZcbY

Spam Sweeping wind to generate extra Spirit.

Air Ally helps with spirit generation and also creates a small AoE whirlwind wherever he goes.

Mantra of Conviction is a duh. More Damage per second, plus they take additional damage.

Blinding Flash increases lets ALL my attacks deal holy damage as well as whatever they are doing already.

When I heal with breathe of Heaven, I deal extra damage for 45 seconds.

Serenity gives me a 5 second window to heal if things get tough.


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