AoE Aura build


This Build has 115% weapon damage per/sec to enemies within 10 yards.
Inner Sanc can be swithed with Breath of Heaven for an OhSh*t button.
Also was thinking Cyclone can also be swithed out for a better single target, but this point of this build is AoE & I really like the Synergy is has.
Here's a thought for that Cyclone:!YdX!ZZYbYZ

All you do is change a rune on Sanctuary. Now you pull em in and knock them right back out again for a cool one-two combo that does damage on par with the first hit of wave of light, but all around you (and from rather far away). You lose survivability on this, but I think it'd be a worthy sacrifice in an aoe build.
Yes, that ^^ I like it a lot

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